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Offshore is one of the most diverse industries – it employs specialists from many different fields and representatives of a wide range of professions. We need not only drilling rigs or specialized offshore engineers, but also, inter alia, cooks and kitchen service and sanitary staff. Each candidate for work in offshore should have 3 basic soft skills:

Knowledge of English

At least communicative. The crews of platforms and ships are often manned by international crews, so that each member should know at least one language common to all. Efficient communication is the basis of success.

Ability to work in a group

Efficient performance of entrusted tasks requires close cooperation between members of individual teams and the entire crew. Therefore, the ability to collaborate with others is crucial to maintain business continuity and avoid costly downtime.

Stress resistance

Working at sea is often associated with difficult weather conditions. Closing a group of people in a confined space, such as a ship or a platform, can also lead to tensions and many stressful situations. Offshore job applicants must therefore be able to deal with such matters.

asked questions

What are the requirements for offshore work?
In addition to what the job requires and the abovementioned skills, each candidate must undergo basic training in the field of life and work safety at sea - GWO Basic Safety Training along with Sea Survival, Advance Rescue Training and BOSIET - Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency (this the latter is required if the route to the workplace is to be traveled by helicopter). In addition, you will also need the necessary training to work in a given maritime region. Contract Service provides them all.
What model is offshore working in?
The most common work schedule is based on the "two weeks on, two weeks off" model, ie cyclically repeated 2 weeks of work at sea and 2 weeks of (paid) time off ashore. However, there may be even monthly working periods, depending on the nature of the position and the project. A single shift lasts 12 hours.
In which maritime region can Contract Service work?
Virtually any - our company can prepare you to work in any maritime region, depending on the project.
How much can you earn in offshore?
Due to the fact that it is a job in difficult conditions, you can expect high annual wages. Of course, earnings depend on a given position - for example, people serving the kitchen (kitchen help / waiters) earn at least PLN 55,000 a year. $, and drill at least 96 thousand. $.
Does the offshore industry give you the opportunity to be promoted?
The offshore career path is as open as possible - as long as the employee has the appropriate soft skills, he can climb the career ladder without any obstacles.

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