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With our help, your company will implement projects in the construction, shipbuilding, civil and water engineering, oil and gas, onshore and offshore and many other industries.

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We are looking for specialists in the shipbuilding, offshore, oil and gas industries

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Are you looking for a reliable contractor for your projects?


Looking for a job?

We are looking for specialists in the shipbuilding, offshore, oil and gas industries


Offer for business

Are you looking for a reliable contractor for your projects?


Contract Service

we make things done

Each project requires specialist knowledge, professional preparation and people who will perform the work in accordance with the guidelines for the project to be carried out successfully and on time. We have a constantly expanded staff of specialists in various fields of civil and maritime engineering, shipbuilding, offshore, onshore and oil and gas. Our specialists work in the extraction of oil, gas and the installation of windmills. We also conduct trainings to raise the qualifications of employees and to obtain certificates authorizing them to work in various maritime regions. If you are looking for a business partner / contractor you can rely on, please contact us.

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How do we work

We implement projects in Poland and the European Union on an ongoing basis, we plan to expand our activities to Africa and Asia.
Our company employs specialists from many industries, we try to be up to date with the developments on the market in the industries in which we operate.
We start our cooperation with the client with an analysis of the current needs and planned projects in order to prepare in advance for the joint implementation of works.
Our employees are specialists in their field, for the implementation of each project, we designate a project manager and work coordinator who ensures the implementation of works on time.
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In which industries we operate


The implementation of projects in the shipbuilding industry requires experienced staff who are aware of the fact that all work must be performed with the utmost care and precision. First of all, we focus on high qualifications and many years of experience of our employees, we are aware that experienced employees are the key to the success of our company.


Working on Onshore power plant projects requires perfect planning and coordination of work integrated with a coordinated supply chain, where time, discipline and specialization play a key role. Nowadays, a good contractor is worth its weight in gold, our company makes every effort to supervise and coordinate the work of our employees in cooperation with the client and other contractors, all in order to jointly implement the most ambitious projects.


Working on Offshore projects requires specialist training of employees in the field of work safety, our employees have the necessary knowledge and experience to competently undertake even the most ambitious projects carried out at sea. Our company will undertake the tasks entrusted to us professionally and competently.

Oil and gas

In the current situation on the energy and fuel market, experienced employees of both drilling rigs, oil fields and refineries are worth their weight in gold. We realize how important it is that all work is carried out in compliance with all safety procedures, and that the employees have the necessary experience and training, which is why we believe that our company is a trustworthy partner for companies from the oil and gas industry.

Our cooperation offer

General contracting

We have our own team of qualified employees who are specialists in various fields of application when working in the offshore industry. This allows us to fully independently carry out any projects related to offshore energy – we provide, among others comprehensive service of drilling platforms as well as construction and servicing of offshore wind farms.


We also offer the possibility of replenishing the crews of platforms and the ships serving them as subcontractors. It is a very convenient solution for prime contractors who do not have their own crew or need temporary additions. Thanks to personnel outsourcing, it is possible to maintain the continuity of the platforms’ operation, thus protecting against severe losses.


We conduct trainings and courses allowing to obtain qualifications and certificates enabling work in the offshore industry – both for our employees and the crews of our associates. We also periodically organize training courses aimed at improving qualifications and further training in terms of specific projects / technologies. With us, you can be sure that your crew is perfectly prepared to work at sea.

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Are you a qualified specialist and want to try your hand at the offshore industry? Are you no longer satisfied with working on land? Are you looking for a crew for oil rigs or the ships that support them? Or maybe you need engineers building offshore windmills? We can help you in any of these cases! Contact us and we will provide you with a job in the offshore industry tailored to your skills or a qualified team of professionals you need.